Wind Project

Wind Project  – Orion –

This world, the past, the present and the future… everything is connected each other.

* I make drawing on the postcards by using the force of wind at the seven sights.

* The seven postcards drawn by wind are posted to my mom who have died two years ago at the age of 100.

* If you connect the seven sights of the drawing on the map, it would make a form of the constellation, Orion.

Wind Project – Orion –  この世界、この宇宙、過去、現在、未来、何もかもつながってる –




 UKU 00012013 Wind Project UKU / Japan

Ponbetsu ooo2 2013 Wind Project Ponbetsu / Japan

2013 Basel_0001 2013 Wind Project – Kunzel &Margrith garden – / Swiss 

Orion Project -Switzerland- Wind Project / Swiss

Wind Germany Map_0002 Wind Project / Germany

Wind Biwa lake  Map_0001 Wind Project Biwa Lake / Japan