2021 utakata

From April 24th to June 4th, 2021, Mikiko Sato Gallery will hold a group exhibition “Utakata –Die Unbeständigkeit des Moments” by Tsuyoshi Hisakado, Taiyo Mori, Ueda Rikuo and Motoi Yamamoto.

“Utakata” reexamines and explores the aesthetic aspects of works produced in terms of space and time, like bubbles floating on the surface of the water, from supports with different properties handled by each artist. We will introduce the charm of new works that emerge in various ways from the keyword.

Mikiko Sato Galleryでは、2021年4月24日から6月4日まで、久門剛史、森太陽、ウエダリクオ、山本基によるグループ展「Utakata – Die Unbeständigkeit des Moments」を開催します。


„Utakata – Die Unbeständigkeit des Moments

vom 24. April bis 04. Juni 2021

Tsuyoshi Hisakado, Taiyoh Mori,

Rikuo Ueda und Motoi Yamamoto.

MIKIKO SATO GALLERY Klosterwall 13 20095 Hamburg